3rd Party Block usage

Ever since I created Detective Wapuu and have been using it on my computer it’s been interesting to see which sites that I visit everyday are powered by WordPress. It’s actually surprising how many there are. What’s equally surprising is when I check and see which blocks they are using I hardly see anyone using third party blocks.

What I’m so curious to find out is did they search through the blocks and not find any they liked? Did they not even search at all? Do people even know that the repo is full of blocks?

Those are two very different problems to solve. Do we work on discovery or do we need to talk with users and create things they actually use?

I’ve love to run a test. Change the default tip in the block editor to let people who that 3rd party blocks are a thing and where they can find them. Let’s get this added to 5.4. What do you think?

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