Author: Nick Hamze

Hey Jetpack STOP making embed blocks

I know it seems unlikely but I have so many things that I want to say that I don’t. Matt and Automattic control dotorg (which I have no problem with) and if I make too many people over there upset I can kiss goodbye any chance at making meaningful change. However, saying nothing is almost […]

Vital Information

Are you a child of the 90’s? Do you remember All That? One of my favorite segments on the show was “Vital Information for Your Everyday Life”. Sometimes you get bored while working on your WordPress site and you need a momentary distraction. With Vital Information you’ll have a fun quote from All That to […]

Digital hoarders rejoice

Ok, I’ll admit it, I’m a hoarder, not only of physical items but also of digital ones. I’ve always been dissatisfied with how WordPress handles multiple files. With the block editor we were given the file block but it wasn’t really easy to use multiple of them together. That’s why I created Card Catalog. You […]

Embeds aren’t evil

For years embed codes were treated like something evil. They were scary and couldn’t be trusted. First they were replaced with shortcodes and now individual blocks. I don’t think they are all that bad. They exist to help us use WordPress as our digital home. Individual blocks for each service aren’t a great solution. What […]

Detective Wapuu

I had an idea for a Google Chrome extension that let you know what blocks were being used on a site and how. I call it Detective Wapuu, mostly so I could make a neat sherlock holmes style Wapuu. Stay connected Email Address Subscribe

Filters are fun

Why should only mobile apps be fun? Snapchat and Instagram have all these fun features and WordPress seems kinda boring by comparison. I don’t want WordPress to be boring. I want it to be weird. That’s why I created Altered Reality. Altered Reality adds a whole bunch of Instagram style filters to WordPress along with […]

What blocks do we need?

I’ll admit I’ve been pretty discouraged lately. I’ve been talking to lots of people about what I should do. One piece of advice that I get most often is you just need to find out what people want. Even if you got around the issue of how to contact WordPress users, I don’t really know […]