Author: Nick Hamze

Deciding which block to build

I think it’s safe to say I have no problem coming up with block ideas. I have more ideas on a daily basis than I could ever have built. Where I struggle is with what block to build. The first block I ever released was called Guidepost, a table of contents block. I love it […]

Let’s get headings moving with Ghostwriter

When the block editor first came out I created 6 plugins for it. I’ve begun the process of updating and submitting them to the official repo in anticipation of the upcoming block directory. The first one of my original blocks was approved today. It’s called Ghostwriter (like the 90’s PBS show). This was the first […]

Building up block builders

I had a negative interaction last week with someone on Facebook (Jeremy, I’m sorry) that really made me think. Sometimes I put my foot in my mouth, ok it happens often. I’m going to be more thoughtful in the future. In order to inject more positivity into the block building community I want to build […]

Sorry, not sorry

I’ve realized something today. Blogging is kinda arrogant. Someone who writes a blog post believes that people want, no need to hear what they have to say. It’s the height of hubris to think that the world needs to hear what’s going on in your head. I know that some most of my writing is […]

We need the block directory now

If you don’t know what the block directory is check out the WPTavern coverage here. It’s basically a way for people to quickly and easily find/install blocks. Today I’m sitting here absolutely baffled why the block directory isn’t being prioritized. Nothing will help the spread of blocks more than launching the block directory. I thought […]

Fewer than 10 active installations

I’ve recently started adding all my blocks to the WordPress plugin repo to get ready for the block directory. One thing that kinda makes me sad is the language used for “Active Installations” of new plugins. To me “Fewer than 10 active installations” means that no one uses this plugin so why would I. While […]