Author: Nick Hamze

Automatic featured images

For years I’ve been obsessed with generating featured images from text. Theme makers always make it so a theme looks dumb without the featured image but it’s a pain finding one for every post. I’d love to generate the image automatically from the post text. What if you used something like this: You could make […]

Underestimating the importance of choice

Sometimes I think we underestimate the importance of choice. This is especially true when it comes to blocks. Some people have the notion that there will come a point when we have enough blocks, where there is no reason to create new ones. A point when people should be satisfied with the block selection. However, […]

Introducing seeds by block garden

I’m so excited you are here. I would like you to meet the Block Garden Seed Repository. The purpose of Seed Repository is to provide you with block ideas. Seeds that will hopefully grow into amazing blocks for the WordPress community. All I ask is that you keep an open mind and not be afraid […]