We need the block directory now

If you don’t know what the block directory is check out the WPTavern coverage here. It’s basically a way for people to quickly and easily find/install blocks.

Today I’m sitting here absolutely baffled why the block directory isn’t being prioritized. Nothing will help the spread of blocks more than launching the block directory. I thought maybe the team was just spread too thin. But then I go and check out the PRs in their GitHub repo and the things that are getting developer attention are baffling. So much work is being put into Phase 2 (full site editing) when Phase 1 isn’t even complete yet.

It’s like Gutenberg is a restaurant. They spent years doing construction, designing the menu and getting everything ready. Everything looks and works great and they’re ready to open. The last piece they need is a front door. A way for people to get in and find all those amazing blocks. But instead of building a door they decided to start work on a new addition that won’t be ready for years. Don’t worry they left a window open. If you can find the open window you get in and find the blocks.

Only one person can launch it earlier. I need everyone to tweet at @photomatt (lead developer and co-founder of WordPress) and tell him we want the directory now.

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