Building up block builders

I had a negative interaction last week with someone on Facebook (Jeremy, I’m sorry) that really made me think. Sometimes I put my foot in my mouth, ok it happens often. I’m going to be more thoughtful in the future.

In order to inject more positivity into the block building community I want to build off my idea from last week about building a block testing team. In addition to being focused on reviews I think it should exist to generally support people who are braving this crazy block world. It’s not easy. The documentation isn’t fully fleshed out and discovery is still really hard. The people that are doing it are trailblazers that we should support.

Anyone want to join my merry little band of block backers? Basically we’ll run through the repo and find all the block builders and give them encouragement and ideas. Is there a block that has no reviews? Let’s test it out and give it a through one. What if their plugin listing needs some help? We can offer design services, write some new copy to help people really understand what it does and maybe we could take some better screenshots for them. There are so many ways we could help. This is something everyone could be involved with.

Who’s in?

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