Category: Mini Thoughts

WordPress Phone case

I use to be pretty good at making WordPress merch. I don’t do it much anymore but every once in a while I get the urge to create something cool. I had these phone cases designs made recently and I really the collage style art. Might do more with it later on. The design itself […]

Does anyone care about the plugin repo?

Honestly, what team is in charge of it? The plugin repo needs so much help. Have you ever tried searching for a plugin. It’s painful. Here is what it needs. Filters & sorting Have you ever searched for something sorta generic and been overwhelmed when it said there are 2k items? There is such a […]

Block styles are hard

The next plugin I’m launching is one that adds fun button styles. One thing that bothers me about clean/minimalistic design is everything blends in too much. People create buttons to be clicked on and no one clicks on boring buttons. My goal was to add new block styles to the exist core button block but […]

3rd Party Block usage

Ever since I created Detective Wapuu and have been using it on my computer it’s been interesting to see which sites that I visit everyday are powered by WordPress. It’s actually surprising how many there are. What’s equally surprising is when I check and see which blocks they are using I hardly see anyone using […]

Hey Jetpack STOP making embed blocks

I know it seems unlikely but I have so many things that I want to say that I don’t. Matt and Automattic control dotorg (which I have no problem with) and if I make too many people over there upset I can kiss goodbye any chance at making meaningful change. However, saying nothing is almost […]

What blocks do we need?

I’ll admit I’ve been pretty discouraged lately. I’ve been talking to lots of people about what I should do. One piece of advice that I get most often is you just need to find out what people want. Even if you got around the issue of how to contact WordPress users, I don’t really know […]