Category: Mini Thoughts

Block Talk

It was announced today that Automattic is putting on an online block related conference called WPBlockTalk. There aren’t many details yet but I’m hopeful and here is what I would like to hear more about. The Core Team’s Focus: I wish there would be a little bit more emphasis on increasing block adoption. It’s pretty […]

Let’s get weird

I’ve been running block garden for around two months now and I’m getting a little bit discouraged. My hope was to find a whole bunch of like minded individuals and make blocks together. It doesn’t seem like that is going to happen (at least not right now). So for a while I’m doing a little […]

Embed blocks are dumb

For some reason it makes me really upset that embed blocks exist. This seems like a step backwards. In the past we could just paste a url (I know we still can in some cases) and bam it was embedded. Now there is a separate block for every type of embed and we have to […]

Making WordPress Better For Me

On my plugin site I have a listing of all my plugins. I used the normal WordPress post embed and while it worked fine but I didn’t really like how it looked. After we released Fancy Links I knew it would make an amazing directory for my plugins. In about 10 minutes I was able […]

Support group for block builders

My block release cycle is almost over. This is the point in the process where I question all my life choices. The block is done, I brought one of my ideas to life, yay. Then it sets in that I have no way to let people know about my blocks and it will likely never […]

Deciding which block to build

I think it’s safe to say I have no problem coming up with block ideas. I have more ideas on a daily basis than I could ever have built. Where I struggle is with what block to build. The first block I ever released was called Guidepost, a table of contents block. I love it […]

Building up block builders

I had a negative interaction last week with someone on Facebook (Jeremy, I’m sorry) that really made me think. Sometimes I put my foot in my mouth, ok it happens often. I’m going to be more thoughtful in the future. In order to inject more positivity into the block building community I want to build […]