Category: Mini Thoughts

Stop grouping blocks by developer

I really wish people who create blocks wouldn’t create their own company sections. That kinda defeats the entire purpose of the sections. No one is browsing their sections and thinking I don’t really care what block I use, I just want it to be a Jetpack one. No, they are looking for a block to […]

Sticky reusable blocks

I hate not being able to code Javascript but I really don’t want to learn. For me thinking of ideas and refining the end product is so much more fun. Today I came up with a plugin idea that I can’t stop obsessing about and I want to see come to life so bad. I […]

Automatic featured images

For years I’ve been obsessed with generating featured images from text. Theme makers always make it so a theme looks dumb without the featured image but it’s a pain finding one for every post. I’d love to generate the image automatically from the post text. What if you used something like this: You could make […]

Introducing seeds by block garden

I’m so excited you are here. I would like you to meet the Block Garden Seed Repository. The purpose of Seed Repository is to provide you with block ideas. Seeds that will hopefully grow into amazing blocks for the WordPress community. All I ask is that you keep an open mind and not be afraid […]