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Dress up your desktop

Today I’m happy to launch a block that has been literally years in the making, introducing Dapper Desktop. Back in the day there was a WordPress wallpaper site run by Alison Barrett, You can learn more about it’s origins from this WPTavern article. I was sitting in my hotel room in Park City, UT […]

It’s ok to be lazy

The vast of majority of my plugin ideas come from issues I find while building my own sites. Recently I’ve been working on my Zune fansite and there are some things about the list block that I wish could be changed. In the past you’d just have to make due with whatever you were given […]

Taking screenshots is hard

I kinda have a thing about taking the perfect screenshots. Back when I worked at Automattic I once retook almost every single screenshot in our supports docs as I knew they could be done better. My life is pretty block centric lately and I end up taking many screenshots of blocks for blog posts, sending […]

Help your links get noticed

The way most themes style links bothers me. It’s usually so subtle it’s hard to know a link is ever there. It’s like they don’t want you to see them. Obviously we are linking things we want people to click on, to places we want them to go. So why not make is easier for […]

You meme?

I know, WordPress is suppose to be for real writers, for businesses, for serious people. It’s used to write thoughtful essays or showcase nature scenes. I say, WordPress can be used for whatever you want. I think WordPress should be fun. That’s why I created Meme Me. With Meme Me you can turn your boring […]

Helping out with Ruby Text

I’m happy to announce a new plugin launch today, the first collaboration between Daniel Post and block garden. This plugin has an interesting back story. I’m a little bit of a weirdo so I start every day by looking at the GitHub issues for Gutenberg. On the 25th of January I came across this issue. […]

January 2020 Recap

January was a pretty good month here at Block Garden. Here’s a little recap: 25 blog posts written 8 plugins added to the repo Created blocks with 5 different developers I’m pretty happy with how the month turned out and I hope to do even more in February. Stay connected Email Address Subscribe