Category: Releases

Bringing back an old friend

This week we relaunched the first block me and JR ever created together, Guidepost. It was the first block where I went, damn this is cool. Where I saw the potential for the new block editor to make WordPress do things it had never done before. Guidepost had been neglected and broken for a while […]

Adding emoji has never been easier

I usually go through the list of block aware plugins a couple times a week. My biggest pet peeve is block duplication. I want to make sure that what I’m building hasn’t been done before. Last week I came across Emoji Autocomplete Gutenberg (terrible name but cool plugin). I really liked how easy it made […]

Let’s get headings moving with Ghostwriter

When the block editor first came out I created 6 plugins for it. I’ve begun the process of updating and submitting them to the official repo in anticipation of the upcoming block directory. The first one of my original blocks was approved today. It’s called Ghostwriter (like the 90’s PBS show). This was the first […]

StreamShare for Twitch

I’m proud to announce the first successful project by Block Garden. StreamShare for Twitch came from a comment by Ryan Markel. He’s a Twitch streamer and he commented on one of my Facebook posts saying that Twitch really needed a core embed option. I agreed and while I couldn’t get it added to core I […]