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Let’s support each other

It’s strange to me what people consider “supporting” the WordPress community. While blocks have been out for over a year they still haven’t gained universal support. It’s in the best interest of the community if everyone gets on board with blocks. All the major companies are coming out with their own block plugins. This is […]

It’s good enough, ship it now

Modern software development is kinda fun, especially in the WordPress space. Blocks are being built in the open and it allows people like me to get a sneak peak of what’s coming out. I spend more time reading GitHub PRs than I do watching TV. There is one problem however. It drives me nuts when […]

Users don’t need options, they want choices

Giving users too many customization options isn’t helpful, it’s lazy. You are aren’t empowering them, you’re shifting the burden so you don’t have to make any decisions. Now I’m not suggesting no customization at all, what I’m suggesting is that instead of options, let’s give them choices. Let’s say you’re hungry and you need to […]

Building things the “right” way

Ok, my title is a little bit of clickbait. Let me tell you a secret, I don’t believe there is a “right” way. Does your block work? Does it solve a problem for someone? Than you made it the “right” way and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. I’m a firm believer in shipping & […]

Creating blocks for the future

To me what many people misunderstand is that we are building WordPress as much for the next generation as we are for ourselves. If we don’t build something thats familiar, something that they feel comfortable using, we’re going to lose them. This reminds me of a story. I have this little buddy named Joseph. When […]

Let’s try to be a bit more creative

When I first heard about the block editor I was super excited. It felt like new life was being breathed into WordPress. I couldn’t wait to see what people would create. I waited and waited and in the end was super disappointed. It’s like we finally invented electricity but used it to power a fart […]