Dogfooding blocks

I’ve always liked dogfooding (partly because it’s fun to say), which basically means using your own stuff. I’m constantly amazed how many people don’t use the products they work on.

Back when I was at Automattic and we had acquired Woo I suggested to my fellow Happiness Engineers that the best way to be able to support our users was to become a user ourselves. Around this time Printful had a WooCommerce integration so a store could be created with no upfront costs. I offered to help with set up, design, etc. People just weren’t having it.

That always struck me as odd. Learning something new is always fun (and part of the Automattic Creed) and I don’t know how you could support something you didn’t use.

Back in the day it seemed like the people who made stuff for WordPress were folks who used it, saw a need, and created something to fix that issue they were facing. That’s how I create things. Over the past year I’ve created more WordPress sites than I can count. It wasn’t done as part of my job or because someone asked me to, I just thought it would be fun. The majority of my blocks that I’ve created in 2020 were made to fix issues I found my creating my Zune Fansite.

Now the best you can hope for is that someone will have a simple blog rocking a Twenty-something theme with a vanilla set of blocks. If we aren’t excited to build with blocks how the heck can we get other people excited? To me, there seems to be a disconnect between the core team and users. I think this is due partly to the fact that most people who work on WordPress related things don’t use WordPress. If your only interaction with WordPress is a test site, that’s an issue.

I think that needs to change and I’m here to help.

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