Dress up your desktop

Today I’m happy to launch a block that has been literally years in the making, introducing Dapper Desktop.

Back in the day there was a WordPress wallpaper site run by Alison Barrett, wp-wallpaper.com. You can learn more about it’s origins from this WPTavern article. I was sitting in my hotel room in Park City, UT at an Automattic Grand Meetup. I’ll admit I was in my room sulking. I had just gotten the news that my team, that I considered to be my family, was going to be split up and I would no longer get to do the work I enjoyed or work with the people I liked.

For some reason I was visiting wp wallpaper and I noticed that it was no longer online. That bummed me out. Making wallpaper was a thing I did back in the day, to me it was like making digital swag. It was so much fun. I emailed Alison and asked her what had happened. She told me it got hacked so many times she just gave up and shut it down. I asked her if I could keep it going and she agreed. She transferred to me the domain along with a backup on the site. I spent the entire night in my hotel room working on it and launched it a short while later. It was fun, just the diversion I needed.

While I was making the site I always thought it would be fun to automate the process. I started out with multiple sizes but quickly gave up as it was such a pain. I thought it would be so fun to create a plugin to automate this. This was pre-blocks and while I had an idea of how it could work it would have been really clunky.

Fast forward 4 years later and now we had a framework to make it happen and I had a developer, George, who had up to this point gone along with every crazy idea I had. Thus Dapper Desktop was born. It’s pretty simple. Upload and image and we’ll generate the different sizes along with the download button to make it easy to users to download. That’s it. I couldn’t be happier and while I know the market for this is super small I’m so happy to be able to fulfill this dream.

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