Embed blocks are dumb

For some reason it makes me really upset that embed blocks exist. This seems like a step backwards. In the past we could just paste a url (I know we still can in some cases) and bam it was embedded. Now there is a separate block for every type of embed and we have to find the right block and then put in the embed code (which isn’t always easy to find) and then we finally get the content we want.

I don’t know why we can’t have a generic embed block and the options change dynamically based upon what we put into it. If you put in a YouTube url it turns into a YouTube block with all the options (or lack thereof) of the core block. If we put in an embed code that isn’t specially supported than it just acts like a HTML block and it renders the embed code as is.

The user shouldn’t have to hunt for a block. They should just know that when you want to embed something you use the embed block.

There are tons of integration WordPress could have and I shutter to think what a world would be like where I have 100+ different embeds blocks in my editor.

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