Embeds aren’t evil

For years embed codes were treated like something evil. They were scary and couldn’t be trusted. First they were replaced with shortcodes and now individual blocks. I don’t think they are all that bad. They exist to help us use WordPress as our digital home.

Individual blocks for each service aren’t a great solution. What do you do if your service isn’t one of the blocks that was added to WordPress. What do you do if the block doesn’t support a feature that the embed code does?

To me, the best solution is to use the embed codes as given but make them a bit less scary to use. With Whatever you just paste the embed code and when you deselect it we’ll show you exactly what it will look like in the editor.

It works like the individual embed blocks but it works for everything. No need to hunt down a specific block, just pop and code in and you’re in business.


  • Works with everything: Don’t search of a particular block. If it’s an embed of any kind Whatever can handle it.
  • Alignment: Whatever supports all the various block alignment settings (wide & full must also be supported by the theme).
  • Responsive Embeds: If the embed uses an iFrame we’ll make it responsive for you to it looks great on every size device.

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