Let’s support each other

It’s strange to me what people consider “supporting” the WordPress community. While blocks have been out for over a year they still haven’t gained universal support. It’s in the best interest of the community if everyone gets on board with blocks. All the major companies are coming out with their own block plugins. This is great, they are making some pretty neat stuff.

What bums me out is it seems like everyone is now gearing up for a block war. The beauty of blocks over page builders is you aren’t locked in. In the past if you built a site with Beaver Builder you couldn’t use plugins meant for Divi. Now you can pick and choose the best blocks from all over the place to make your site. It’s so exciting to see.

The problem is now I only see people promoting their own products. The mentality is if we don’t provide a block for that, they don’t need to know about it. People are trying to “lock” people into their block library by only promoting it. I wish these companies would use their large bases to not only promote their products but other blocks, especially if those other blocks compliment their own. Step one of this block roll out relies of people using blocks and its better for the community (and ultimately themselves) if they get people using blocks even if they aren’t their own. Part of the problem is block duplication, people are all making the same blocks, but that’s an issue for another day.

It didn’t use to be like this. In the past hosts didn’t own theme companies or block collections. They freely recommended plugins from a variety of people. Let’s get back to that. I’m not saying that you should run banner ads for your competitor’s plugins but the next time you are writing a blog post about blocks please consider including blocks that your users would love, even if they aren’t yours.

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