Let’s try to be a bit more creative

When I first heard about the block editor I was super excited. It felt like new life was being breathed into WordPress. I couldn’t wait to see what people would create. I waited and waited and in the end was super disappointed. It’s like we finally invented electricity but used it to power a fart machine. What’s the point?

For years we were told that page builders were evil. They made your site slow, outputted bad code and they locked you into an ecosystem. Things that were supposedly “unWordPress”. Blocks was suppose to fix all this. They were suppose to allow you to create things that transcended page building.

What did we do? We built new copies of the same page builders we already had. Every block collection contains basically the same blocks with the same features. We spent years developing a system just to end up with a more fractured ecosystem. People aren’t innovating, they’re just replicating.

Ok, I’m rambling a bit. What I’m trying to get across is let’s try to create new things instead of making new blocks of existing page building features. The new block editor is more powerful than anyone really understands and I’d love people to start making things that shows it’s true potential.

If you need ideas check out the seed repository.

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