The block directory needs more than just blocks

The block directory is the single most exciting upcoming WordPress feature. I’m counting down the days until it launches. The current guidelines state that only single blocks will be allowed into the directory. I think that’s a mistake. Let me tell you why.

Today I came across this really neat plugin called “Emoji Autocomplete Gutenberg” (terrible name but great functionality).

It adds a way to quickly and easily insert emoji into core blocks. The fact that it only has 300 active installs demonstrates that block related plugins have a discovery problem. This is just one such plugin, I could name dozens like it that enhance the block editor.

The block directory has two components, the actual directory which acts very much like the current plugin tab in your dashboard and the block inserter that lives right in the block editor. I can see why they want to limit it to just single blocks, otherwise how would the block inserter work. I agree that it’s the best way to do that.

Where I think we can comprise is in the actual directory. What if we had a category for “Block Enhancements”. Things that are for the block editor but aren’t really blocks. They could show up in the block enhancements category in the directory but be excluded from the block inserter. This way it would be easy to find all the block content and still be able to use the block inserter to install new blocks.

It’s a win – win right? Let’s do it. Who’s with me?

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