You aren’t busy, you’re just not excited

I’ve been talking with many people trying to get them to give blocks a chance. A common thing I hear is “I haven’t found the time” or “I’m too busy”. Let’s get real. You have the time. There is no one that is busy 24/7. Especially since the block editor has been out for over a year. Most of my blocks have taken around 5 hours to create. Out of the 8760 hours in a year you’re telling me that you couldn’t find 5. With only 10 minutes a day you could create a block in less than a month.

Here is the real issue. You aren’t excited about blocks. You just aren’t. If you were excited you’d make the time. I’m sure you feel pressured into making one (maybe by me 🙂 ). You think that it’s the future of WordPress so it’s something you should probably do.

Even if you decided you’ll try making a block you probably think you don’t have any ideas. We’ve been conditioned to believe that every idea needs to be extensively researched and every single part of the UI needs to be meticulously crafted.

You’ve been lead to believe that you need to think up an idea that will have broad appeal and do something earth shattering. The secret is you really don’t. The smallest features can sometimes have the largest impact. It’s amazing to see how a small change can turn a block hater into a full fledged member of the I love blocks fan club. To me, all a block has to do is solve a problem, a problem that you are having. The community is so large I guarantee you aren’t the only person having that problem.

The purpose of block garden is to get you excited about blocks. To make you so excited about blocks that you’ll make the time to bring them to life. The community needs you more than you realize. I honestly believe that every person has at least one block in them. If I can get you to create that first block, I know you’ll be hooked for life. Blocks are like Pringles, you can’t just make one.

I’m here to help. If you don’t have an idea check out the seed repo. You don’t want to build something alone, contact me and we’ll work on it together. If you don’t want to work on one in your spare time give me your boss’s email and I’ll convince them to let you create one while at work. I’ll do anything to bring more blocks in the world.

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