It’s ok to be lazy

The vast of majority of my plugin ideas come from issues I find while building my own sites. Recently I’ve been working on my Zune fansite and there are some things about the list block that I wish could be changed. In the past you’d just have to make due with whatever you were given but now with the block editor with a little bit of code no problem is unsolvable.

There were two issues I wanted to solve. First, whenever I was working on list I’d usually put two columns side by side to take better use of the screen real estate. To get them to be equal I’d spend a ton of time copy and pasting to get it to look right. I didn’t want to do that anymore.

I’m proud to say that I’m lazy, that word usually has negative connotations but in my case I like working all the time but I want to spend as little time as possible on each task. As part of lazy lists we created a way to add columns to list blocks on the fly. No more messing with row blocks and multiple list blocks. Just move the slider to choose how many columns you want and that’s it.

Your list items have to be in some order so why not have it be alphabetical. I usually just sort them before I add them to WordPress but then it’s a pain whenever I want to add new items. It was possible but a pain so I added a sorting button to the list block to do it for me.

This block was created by Daniel Post (who also helped me create Rubi) and I’m so excited how it turned out. This block will be sort of a catchall where I add all sorts of features I wish the list block had. I’ll also be working on similar plugins for the rest of the core blocks.

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