People don’t click on boring buttons

One thing that excited me about blocks was the ability to decouple design elements from the theme. People talk about how lock in is the worst thing that can happen in the WordPress world. I sorta agree but I’d take it one step further.

I dislike how we have to accept the styling a theme has for our blocks. I’d love to be able to add design elements to my site and not rely on the theme to provide them for me. I want to be able to mix and match all sorts of neat design elements to make my site look just how I want.

To test this theory I created Blissful Buttons as I thought styling buttons would be the easiest. Boy, was I wrong. The way styles are set up it’s really hard to override a style that is set in the theme, like next to impossible. That is why even though I hate block duplication the only way I could bring these button styles to you was to create yet another button block.

Less options = less headaches

One thing I didn’t care for about the core button block is that you can set not only the background but the text color. I don’t know about you but color pairings are not my thing. I usually end up sticking to the same colors because of this.

With Blissful Buttons I wanted to make it easier to customize your buttons. I wanted to make sure that no matter what color you choose the button would still look great.

So instead of offering two color options for background and text colors I choose to use just one accent color selector and applied it to the buttons in a way where every color choice ended up with a beautiful button.

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