Block Seed Repository

Here are some of the ideas I’ve come up with. My hope is that people will take them and turn them into wonderful blocks for the community.

I’m a bit obsessed with blocks that do things other than page building. I love blocks that allow you to do things that weren’t possible (or easy) before the new editor.

If you do use one of these ideas please let me know so I can update this page and put a link to it. Also check back often as this list be updated frequently.


Here they are so many calculations that would be great for these places to put on their sites. Things that would help them decide if they can afford to buy whatever they are looking at.

  • Mortgage payment calculator: Lets them know how much the house they are looking at will be per month.
  • Car payment calculator: Lets them know how much the car they are looking at will be per month.
  • Retirement planning calculator: Let people know how much they need to save for retirement. There are many different ways you could go about this one.


Retails stores need the most love when it comes to blocks.

  • Hours: A block that not only displayed the hours in a nice way but also used those hours to determine if the business is still open or let them know when it will be open again. Most of the big box stores do this.
  • Phone Number: Make it easier to display a phone number that when you click it on mobile it dials the number.
  • Address: Make it easier to display an address and when you click on it it opens up your default map app.
  • Special of the day: A block that displays a calendar where you can input whatever will be the special that day. On the front end it just shows whatever item is in the backend for that day. Useful for restaurants, schools, etc.


  • Availability Calendar: A block that shows a calendar and which days there are still open rooms.



One of the hardest parts of shopping online is figuring out will it fit. A a minimum every store should have a sizing chart but with blocks I think we can do some much more. We can make it so much easier to know is something is going to fit.

  • Hat sizer: Lets people measure the circumference of their head and once they enter it, they’ll get their fitted hat size.
  • Ring sizer: Have people measure the circumference of their fingers and once they enter it, they’ll get their ring size.
  • Foreign size converter: A tool where you select your size is one countries sizing and it converts it to another. This would be for clothing as well as shoes.


  • Care Instructions: A block that lets you quickly and easily display the care instructions (Wash Cold, Tumble Low, etc) for your garments.
  • Shipping Previewer: A little block where people can put in their zip code and it will give them a preview of how much shipping will be.


  • Hire me: A block that lets people know at a glance if you are currently accepting any new work/clients.
  • Skills Bar: A block that has a bar where you can show your proficiency is a variety of areas. For example, it could have Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign and you can set the label and the percentage of competency for each one.
  • Color Palette: A quick and easy way to share color palette. On the back-end they can just put in color codes and on the front-end you’ll see them displayed nicely along with a way to quick and easily copy those color codes.


Sometimes you’ll have a block that serves a particular purpose for a particular site. For example, if your site does live broadcasts maybe you’ll want to include a time converter zone block on that page so people know exactly when they should be tuning in. There are so many ideas that could fall in this category.


  • Time between two dates: This would be a converter where people can put in two dates and it will let you know how many days are between them.
  • Time zone converter: It lets you know what time it is in different places around the world.
  • Last updated: A block that displays the last time a post/page has been updated. Useful for terms or privacy policies.
  • Countdown: Lets you know how many days there are until a certain date.


  • Raffle winner: A block where you put in a list of names or usernames and it picks one at random.
  • Coin flipper: A simple coin flipper that helps people make decisions.
  • Random number generator: Block that generates a random number.

Core block enhancements

You don’t have to create an entirely new block. You can easily add styles and features to existing core blocks.

  • List Block: The ability to add a prefix (example #FIN) to ordered lists.
  • Image Block: Instagram style filters.


Sometimes people seem to shy away from the niche category as it’s harder to get installs. The way I look at it I’d rather have 100% of a small niche than 1% of a larger one.


I’m definitely not a car guy but I enjoy reading car blogs (especially ones about vintage cars) and I think there are a lot of them out there that would love some blocks.

  • VIN Decoder: Allow people to input their VIN and tell them what is says about their car. Probably most useful for classic cars.
  • Assorted calculators/converters: There are so many here that you could do depending on your audience (car builders, race car drivers, regular enthusiasts). Not a car guy so I don’t really know which ones would be helpful.


Here most of the blocks will be used for it easier to follow the recipe. I think ones that give visual indicators for various things will be the most helpful.

  • Scoville scale: A block that lets you quickly and easily display how hot the recipe you are sharing it. It could have little hot peppers as the visual indicator.
  • Level indicator: A block that shows you various things about the recipe visually. How hard it is, how long it’s gonna take, etc. Something so people can quickly see if this recipe is something that they’ll be able to attempt.
  • Measurement converter: A block that lets you convert between different units used in cooking. What if it says 2 tablespoon but I only have teaspoons, HELP. No problem, theres a block for that.


These blocks serve no purpose except making people smile which is something I think we need more of in this world.

  • Band name generator: A block where you put in some information, like it a mad libs, and it generate your band name for you.
  • Mad libs: A block that makes it easy to set up mad libs style fun. Maybe you could even integrate a text to speech API and let it read the resulting story.
  • Emoji list style: Allows you to change all your bullet points to the emoji of your choice.
  • Meme Generator: You could add a style to the image block where the caption is displayed over the image to turn a regular image into a meme.