It’s good enough, ship it now

Modern software development is kinda fun, especially in the WordPress space. Blocks are being built in the open and it allows people like me to get a sneak peak of what’s coming out. I spend more time reading GitHub PRs than I do watching TV.

There is one problem however. It drives me nuts when I see a cool block that is being endlessly tweaked and discussed. A block that is perfectly usable, that people would love to use, but is stuck in development hell over simple things that the user probably won’t even notice.

Software is never perfect. It’s not like we are releasing Super Nintendo games where if there is an issue you’re screwed as there is no way to update the cartridges.

I know some of you are thinking, how dare you, I’m a senior designer/developer and I’d never launch anything that isn’t perfect. Cool, you keep striving for perfection and I’m going to make stuff people actually use while your code rots away in a GitHub repo.

A block in the directory is worth two on GitHub.

Nick Hamze

People would much rather have a pretty good block today than a perfect block a year from now. Getting feedback from actually users is also much more powerful. I’ve discovered that most of the time users will suggest something that you hadn’t even thought of. This is especially true is a world where most developers aren’t the target market or even users of their own products.

This is my long winded of saying, just launch it. Get the v1 out there and you can always iterate later.

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