Support group for block builders

My block release cycle is almost over. This is the point in the process where I question all my life choices. The block is done, I brought one of my ideas to life, yay. Then it sets in that I have no way to let people know about my blocks and it will likely never get enough installs to say anything other than “Active Installs: Less than 10”.

Then I look in the repo and see that there are two types of block plugins. The juggernauts that are owned by large companies with lots of users. These plugins have tons of installs and an entire community of people to back them up. I’m so jealous when I see numbers like that. I only create things because I want them to be used.

Then you see the other side, the block plugins that are abandoned. Plugins where the creators were super excited, launched a block they were super passionate about, then abandoned it once it failed to get even enough installs to say something other than “Active Installs: Less than 10”. It breaks my heart to see this. I wish I had some way to help.

This isn’t me having a pity party (well, not completely). I’m just trying to figure out a way to keep not only myself going but other block builders who are having a hard time gaining traction. I don’t have an answer. The people who have the access to the people aren’t going to share that access with the community. They all have their own products they want to promote, they aren’t going to help a competitor. I’m hopeful the block directory is the answer but August seems like it’s so far away.

If anyone is discouraged by their block making efforts so far please reach out. Let’s try to be each other’s support network. We just need to hold out until the directory launches. Today’s not a great example but I’m usually pretty excited and energized. I’d love to help you stay that way too and maybe you can help me on days like today where making blocks seems pointless.

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