Taking a break

Looking back at the first three months of 2020 it’s pretty crazy to think what we’ve accomplished. To date, we’ve released over 21 different block related plugins, all of which I’m pretty proud of. At this point in the month this is where I usually think about what I’ll do next month. Now, I thinking about taking a break.

Earlier this week I had a little disagreement with the WordPress Core Plugin team. They were worried about the frequency and number of plugins I was submitting and asked me to not submit anymore during March. I get where they are coming from. I’m sure they’ve had people in the past who released a whole bunch of plugins and abandoned them.

Their opinion is not a unique one. Most of the time when I tell people of my goal to release 99 plugins this year they always warn me that it will be way too hard to support and how I don’t understand how much work supporting plugins is.

The thing is I’m pretty support savvy. I did it for Automattic for over four years. Every plugin I create is done with the support load in mind. The concepts are streamlined and I remove all options that aren’t intuitive.

To be honest, while I’m capable of doing any level of support that arises I don’t really want to do it and guess what, you don’t want to have to contact me either. In an ideal world support is available but no one ever uses it, it’s like insurance. You feel better knowing it’s there but if you have to use it something went terribly wrong.

What it really comes down to is people just don’t understand what I am trying to do. I spend a small fortune hiring developers to create neat stuff that I then give away for free. Do I know how weird that is? Yeah, it’s kinda nuts but my only goal is to make cool stuff with cool people, for cool people.

So I’ve decided to take the month of April off from blocks (at least releasing public/free ones). However, I’ll likely keep blogging as I always have unpopular opinions I feel the world needs to know about 😀. My email is always open if someone wants to talk blocks so don’t be shy.

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