Taking screenshots is hard

I kinda have a thing about taking the perfect screenshots. Back when I worked at Automattic I once retook almost every single screenshot in our supports docs as I knew they could be done better. My life is pretty block centric lately and I end up taking many screenshots of blocks for blog posts, sending feedback to the dev team, etc.

I had a sorta crazy idea that I really wanted to try and George was nice enough to go along with my wild idea.

What we created was BlockShots, a plugin that allows you to take screenshots of individual blocks (or multiple blocks in a single group) with the press of a button. No more cropping or careful positioning. Just click, click and you have a perfect screenshot. I’m sure it doesn’t work with every block out there but I think it was a good proof of concept for the theory and hopefully we can refine it over time.

Check it out and let us know what you think.

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