What blocks do we need?

I’ll admit I’ve been pretty discouraged lately. I’ve been talking to lots of people about what I should do. One piece of advice that I get most often is you just need to find out what people want. Even if you got around the issue of how to contact WordPress users, I don’t really know how possible that is.

Imagine you had a time machine. You went back in time to 1999 and visited a cell phone store. There you found a guy who was looking to upgrade his Motorola StarTAC. You pulled an iPhone 11 out of your pocket and asked the guy to take a look at it. After a few minutes you asked him to let you know what features he would like to see added. The guy looks at you bewildered. Do you blame him?

How would he even know what is possible? This “smartphone” thing is so new to him. How would you be able to suggest a feature that you didn’t know it existed or was possible or that you even wanted?

That’s the way I feel about blocks. That’s why I’m a bit worried about the block directory. Directories are only good if people know what they want, which I don’t know if they do. The assumption people make is that if you don’t get installs people must not want your stuff and while that may be true I think it’s more complex than that. I don’t really have any solutions here, just thinking about the problem out loud 😜.

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